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Photos » Fred & Ginger 2016

Fred & Ginger 2016

Fred & Ginger 1

Andy Nelson and Shirley Chavez

Fred & Ginger 3

Fred & Ginger 4

Glen Nicolet with Rosie Harper

Andy Nelson and Ruth Horowitz

Lisa Mondy and Jim Schreiber

Fred & Ginger 8

Carol and Craig Levy

Jim Schreiber and Lisa Mondy

Dom and Beth Ciccone

Bronwyn Willis and Glen Nicolet

Andy Nelson and Lynne Bombach

Mike Sanchez and Maria Colella

Fred & Ginger 15

Andy Nelson and Esther Roybal

Fred & Ginger 17

Alexis MacFarlane and Chris O'Connor

Winning Freds

From left: Anna Watkins with the winning "Fred": Glen Nicolet, Beth Ciccone and Jim Schreiber

Winning Gingers

From left: Debra Williams, Mike Sanchez, Lisa Mondy and Julie Weaver

Fred and Ginger winners

Anna Watkins (far left) and Mike Sanchez (far right) flank the winners of the 2016 Fred & Ginger Night: From left, Glen Nicolet, Beth Ciccone, Jim Schreiber, Julie Weaver, Debra Williams and Lisa Mondy.

Ruth Horowitz and Paul Stepenaskie

Glen Nicolet and Rosie Harper

Fred & Ginger 24